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eMerchant Solutions has your success in mind offering credit card processing solutions that meet your needs with quality service, real savings and the most important - Customer Satisfaction.

Our Approach

We know discussing a payment processing solutions isn't on everyone’s “top 10” list, but it should be!

We understand the financial impact payment processing has on your bottom line and we take that seriously. In our industry the key word is transparency, so no surprises, misleading tactics or bundled pricing only fair clearly defined interchange-plus pricing. But we won't stop there, we'll walk you through all the details and answer any questions you may have.

Of course it doesn't end with great pricing. Our commitment to data security and innovative solutions ensures the protection of both your business and your customers.

It's unfortunate, but like many of our merchants your past experiences may not have been what you expected.
We'd like to change that!

We welcome you to discover what our services, technology and support can do for you! Contact us today and get started with our comprehensive statment analysis.

In fact, if we find your already priced fairly, we’ll let you know.

Benefits & Services


No confusing "tiered or bundled” pricing or hidden fees. Our Interchange-plus pricing guarantees the same low rates on every transaction, every time! We believe in transparency, it's that simple.

Quick & Easy Setup

Submission to approval generally takes as little as two days. But we don't stop there, we do all the leg work whether it's setting up a existing terminal/POS or installing a new one.

Customer Service

We know payment processing effects your business in real-time, day and night. Our merchants have online merchant account access and 24/7/365 access to technical support.

Equipment Consultation

Looking for a best-in-class POS, online and mobile payment solutions or perhaps simply integrating with your current systems, what ever your needs, we've got you covered!

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Attract more customers with comprehensive gift and loyalty card programs with no annual fees, statement fees or any other hidden costs.

Security & Compliance

Continuous transaction monitoring and security & fraud prevention are standard. We'll walk you through the process of securing your cardholder data and eliminate costly PCI compliance fees.

The Numbers - Real Clients, Real Savings

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On average, our clients save over 30% on their merchant fees.

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